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General Policies

The CoLaS is designed and maintained to promote student learning in an environment realistically similar to a health care facility.  Deliberate practice, competency evaluation and remediation of caring interventions, as well as simulations in the CoLaS, provide students with learning experiences caring for patients/clients.

While in the CoLaS, students will promote successful learning experiences by:

  • Demonstrating professional attitude and demeanor, abiding by the Sandhills Community College (SCC) Student Code of Conduct (located in SCC Student Handbook).
  • Engaging and participating, being open to new experiences, peer review, and role flexibility.
  • Expecting to make mistakes and learning from them.
  • Wearing proper attire during all scheduled sessions, per Student Handbook and SCC Student Code of Conduct.
  • Respecting the privacy, rights, privileges, health and safety of other learners (reference the CoLaS Simulation Contract).
  • Communicating with peers and faculty in a professional manner.
  • Arriving on time and being prepared to begin scheduled sessions as assigned.
  • Signing in and out of the CoLaS Tutor Tracking System to record time spent in the CoLaS.
  • Utilizing wire shelving rack in K 101 to place nursing supply kit and non-valuable personal items.
  • Respecting and caring for simulators as if they are a living being; ensuring their safety, privacy and dignity.
  • Respecting and caring for equipment with attention to safety.
  • Cleaning and straightening bed station or area after each use.
  • Discarding used items in appropriate disposal receptacles.
  • Returning reusable items to the proper location.
  • Leaving all equipment on-site unless it is a part of the student purchased kit.
  • Completing the CoLaS Request Form to Borrow Equipment/Teaching Materials and ensuring return of equipment/teaching materials on assigned date.
  • Reporting any equipment malfunction or damage to the CoLaS faculty immediately.

To ensure the continued successful operation of the CoLaS as a valuable, functional, safe and secure learning environment, students will refrain from the following activities:

  • Bringing food into any area of the CoLaS.
  • Bringing beverages into any area of K 106 & K 107.
  • Bringing beverages into bed station areas in K 101 (Beverages allowed in clear plastic containers with lids at tables in K 101).
  • Using ink pens and permanent markers at any bed stations in any areas.
  • Inviting individuals less than 18 years of age into any area of the CoLaS without prior approval of the CoLaS faculty.
  • Leaving personal items unattended in any of the CoLaS areas.
  • Taking any unauthorized photography/video in any of the CoLaS areas.