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History of CoLaS

The first time "Simulation," in its infancy stages, was adapted in the Sandhills Nursing Department, was in 2005, after faculty members attended a nursing conference. Energized, the faculty returned and began developing and implementing aging scenarios. At that time the 1500 square feet nursing lab had static manikins and task trainers.

The ember continued to burn... In the fall of 2007 pediatric simulations were developed to help prepare students for clinical.

In 2009, one of the nursing faculty applied for and received a mini grant through Sandhills Community College to purchase 2 televisions with DVD players, 2 portable cameras and 2 microphones. Short scenarios were developed to use with second semester nursing students. The scenarios were recorded and then played back during a short debriefing/ discussion time.

In July 2010 the first three simulators arrived, a brown skin tone Nursing Anne, a tan skin tone male Nursing Kelly, and Nursing Baby. Originally the baby was kept in one of the faculty members offices along with its electronics for security.

The existing Sandhills nursing lab, two classrooms and offices were renovated, with construction starting in the spring of 2011. The result is a 5,000 square feet simulation center. To see some of our journey, click on the power point link below.

Historical powerpoint